MDT Technical Placements strives to be a true reflection of South African demographics in all aspects of our business.


Core Values:
Commitment to sustainable business through fairness, reliability and responsible management
Professionalism towards all stakeholders – clients and candidates
Service excellence
Confidential treatment of all information
Top quality applicants
Experienced consultants


Fees range from 10% - 15% of the annual guaranteed package, depending on the job level. This will be detailed in the service level agreement.
Fees are payable on acceptance of the offer if no retainer has been paid in advance



Determining the Job Description:
1. Detailed understanding of the responsibilities and key performance areas of the position to be filled.
2. Developing a specification for the person being sought, which will include:
Key competencies which are essential, desirable and advantageous
Specific experience
Educational background
Other specific requirements

Sourcing Candidates:
We offer three primary methods of candidate identification:
Database search
Advertised selection
Search (headhunting)

Candidate Presentation:
Clients is presented with shortlist of no more than three candidates (unless otherwise instructed), based on the compatibility of the needs of the client together with the capabilities and career objectives of the candidate.

Reference Checks:
Being subjected to a confidentiality clause, we prefer that all reference checks be done only after the initial interview with the short listed candidates.